• All measurements you take will refer to actual body measurements.
  • In your underwear, stand in natural upright posture, ensure the measuring tape is snug around the body part and take the measurement.
  • Measurements with an asteriks (*) are essential.
  • Leave any irrelevant measurements or those that you are unsure about to let the tailor decide. We will contact you for clarification if necessary.

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Dress Length
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Shoulder Width
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Front Width

If you order a full length dress, we usually add in the heel height of the shoe to the dress length, so that it looks 'full length' when worn with heels.

If your height is 168cm, a full length dress may be about 20cm shorter, making the dress about 148cm. If you wear 8cm heeled shoes with the dress, the you will still want the dress to touch the floor, the length should then be 148cm+8cm = 156cm.

Breast Height
Breast Width

(distance between nipples)
Back Width
Back Waist Length
Heel Height
(full-length dresses only)



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Arm Girth
(not needed if sleeveless)

Arm Length
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Ensure that you have checked your measurements at least twice. We want to get things right first time with accurate measurements.

Please read the Made to Measure information before submitting your details by clicking here.

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